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2024 Spring Introduction to Business Japanese Teaching(on-demand course)

◆Lesson purpose and contents:
This course is intended for Japanese language teachers who are involved in Japanese language education at overseas educational institutions, undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in Japanese language teacher training programs in Japan and abroad, and foreign personnel at companies. This is an introductory course for anyone interested in business Japanese education, such as those in charge of education, where you can learn useful specialized knowledge for "teaching business Japanese". Experts in linguistics, Japanese language, and Japanese language education will give lectures on each theme from both theory and practice. Each theme consists of four sections: preliminary assignments, theoretical lectures, practical tasks, and practical lectures. Specifically, in the theory section, based on previous research on the theme, we will confirm theoretical knowledge and explain the preliminary assignments. Students will then work on a practical task. In the practical part, while explaining practical tasks, you will deepen your understanding of the theme from a more practical aspect. This course is recommended for those who want to learn the basics of business Japanese education and those who are interested in teaching business Japanese.

◆Lesson theme and instructor:
1.OrientationRyuta USHIKUBO (Associate Professor, Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange)
2.Current Situation and Issues of Employment of Foreign Human ResourcesYusuke TANAKA (Associate Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University)
3.Honorific Expressions in Business Japanese and the InstructionNaoko MAEDA (Professor, Gakushuin University)
4.Character and Expression Instruction for ForeignersXiuyin CHEN (Lecturer, Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange)
5.Vocabulary Instruction for Business JapaneseYusuke TANAKA (Associate Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University)
6.Pronunciation and Speaking Instruction in Business JapaneseNaoko KINOSHITA (Associate Professor, Waseda University)
7.Business Japanese and Translation/Interpretation InstructionShinichiro ISHIKAWA (Professor, Kobe University)
8.Guidance on Business Japanese WritingKei ISHIGURO (Professor, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics/
Collaborative Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
9.Reading Instruction for Business JapaneseRyuta USHIKUBO (Associate Professor, Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange)

◆Lesson objectives:
1) Acquire basic knowledge in theory and practice on themes related to business Japanese.
2) Understand business Japanese education and be able to make an effective instruction plan.

◆ Class format and assignments:
① Orientation video distribution (about 15 minutes)
② Introductory videos and assignments for teaching 8 themes (study time about 60 minutes x 8 times)
③ Submission of completion report “What you learned through the course” (about 400 characters)

◆Certificate issuance conditions:
Those who have completed all assignments (1 to 3) by the end of the course period
*The certificate of completion is a certificate of completion of the course, not an official certificate as an instructor.

2,200 yen


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    • Coordinator
    Ryuta UHSIKUBO
    Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange
    Associate Professor

    Prof. Ushikubo graduated from Dokkyo University. He learned Japanese language education in the doctoral program at Waseda University and got a Ph.D. (Japanese Language Education). He worked as a deputy chief instructor at an overseas educational institution (Waseda Education Thailand). After returning to Japan, he kept pursuing a career in language education, working as a research assistant at Waseda University and a lecturer at the Kwansei Gakuin University. He is currently teaching Japanese at the Center for Global Education and Exchange, Toyo University. His specialty is qualitative data analysis, teacher research, and classroom research.

    • Coordinator
    Xiuyin CHEN
    Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange

    Graduate of the Japanese Language Program at the College of Foreign Languages of the Ocean University of China. Completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University.Assistant at the University of Hamburg (Germany) and Kobe University. Part-time and full-time Lecturer at Kobe Design University and Japan University of Economics. Currently a Lecturer at Toyo University. Doctor Chen’s research covers modern Japanese grammar, Japanese language education, Japanese linguistics, as well as corpus linguistics. Takes special interest in sentence-final markers and Chinese-related lexicon in modern Japanese. Building on her theoretical knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary, as well as her own learning experience, the lecturer will offer hints how to improve your Japanese skills.

    • Teacher
    Erika Goto
    University of International Business and Economics School of Foreign Studies
    Full-time Lecturer

    Completed the master’s program in the field of national literature education and research, Department of Cultural Structure, Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University.
    Japanese language education internship experience at Beijing University of Foreign Studies (China), Oxford University (UK).
    After working as a lecturer at the National Tsinghua University (China), she is currently a full-time lecturer on foreign nationality at the University of International Business and Economics School of Foreign Studies.


  • Logical thinking ability
  • International character
  • Autonomy
  • Language proficiency



・ Those who have Japanese ability equivalent to N2 (JLPT) or higher
・Those who are interested in teaching business Japanese
*We highly welcome students from overseas countries and regions.
・Those who can submit the assignments.
・Those who can take the BEVI after taking the course.
・Those who can watch all lessons’ videos.
・Those who have interested in teaching business Japanese language education.




TOYO Japanese Language Program

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