About JV-Campus

About JV-Campus


Online education has burgeoned as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing drastic changes to how international students and researchers conduct exchanges. Amid this global trend, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has developed a new platform as part of its Top Global University Project (TGUP), designed to promote Japan’s international education and exchange through the use of online education.
The Japan Virtual Campus (JV-Campus) platform is an all-Japanese effort aimed at the core vision of building a new relationship where students and educators weave the strings of wisdom into a fabric of knowledge together. We at JV-Campus are committed to weaving diverse initiatives into a fabric of new relationships for a future that promises further internationalized higher education in Japan, and active exchanges by global-minded individuals in educational contexts. The core values of the JV-Campus platform are outlined below. These values will guide us as we work to realize our vision and build the future with you.

❶Provision of a platform environment system

JV-Campus provides dedicated areas called Individual Institution Boxes where universities and other institutions can opt in to manage and operate their own content according to their respective policies. Each institution has access to various features necessary for operating their own online education system, including course management, content management, and collection of course fees. JV-Campus uses Moodle, the global standard in e-learning systems, to implement full-featured Massive Open Online Courses and Learning Management Systems (MOOC and LMS, respectively). This gives each institution the tools they need to open and distribute their content to a broad base, in addition to the courses they offer their enrolled students. Institutions can use these tools according to strategy, such as drawing more international students through international branding or by strengthening their expansion outside of Japan.
We also provide institutions who operate their own online education system with features to promote their information assets as linked content on a broad scale.


❷Provision of content and services that contribute to internationalization

The JV-Campus platform will make specific contributions to the exchange of international students and educators by spinning threads of diverse content for both domestic and international use. We will provide course packages that institutions and other organizations can use to enhance their educational programs. We will do this through a Strategic Package Box consisting of course offerings that are in demand and are created jointly by multiple institutions based entirely in Japan. We will also issue content for international use through our JV-Campus Special Box, which will contain course offerings actively created by JV-Campus.
Going forward, we will offer educational content solicited from private educators (JVC-teachers) who have passed our screening process. This will create a new space for exchanges geared toward promoting communication between students and educators. We are also working on a plan in cooperation with participating educational institutions to award diplomas and micro-credentials to those who have taken online educational content. This plan is underpinned by efforts to ensure the quality of the educational content.

Connecting to Society

❸Diverse engagement designed to enhance connections with society

JV-Campus will enhance connections with society and expand the value created as a platform by engaging with various stakeholders, including educational institutions, organizations, local governments, and private corporations.
We have created dedicated areas on JV-Campus, called Company Boxes, to provide opportunities for enhancing exchanges where companies can provide students with services informed by their CSR policies. An example is the internship program for Japanese and international students who gather on JV-Campus. Using the benefits of online communications, companies can conceive exchanges that reach students worldwide. As with the Individual Institution Boxes, companies can use the online education system for internal education to provide growth opportunities to their employees.
We will also devise platform applications to develop the increasingly diversifying interactions between high schools and universities by contributing to the exchanges between these two entities. Additionally, based on the perspective that students have a right to seek growth and explore their potential through learning, we will provide opportunities for relearning at any age, and a stage for activities by a wide range of institutions involved in recurrent education.

We at JV-Campus offer a platform that contributes to activating the international exchange of education and wisdom, and supports growth through learning.
We wholeheartedly welcome the participation of a wide range of institutions who can expand on these possibilities.

Participation in JV-Campus