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About JV-CampusJV-Campusを知るⅠ

Online education has burgeoned as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing drastic changes to how international students and researchers conduct exchanges. Amid this global trend, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has developed a new platform as part of its Top Global University Project (TGUP), designed to promote Japan’s international education and exchange through the use of online education.
The Japan Virtual Campus (JV-Campus) platform is an all-Japanese effort aimed at the core vision of building a new relationship where students and educators weave the strings of wisdom into a fabric of knowledge together.

Participating institutions on JV-Campus(Institutions Operating Their Own Individual Institution Box)

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Participation in JV-CampusJV-Campusに参画する

JV-Campus serves as an international education and communication platform that promotes collaborations among educational and R&D institutions, private corporations, and other organizations. If you represent an educational or R&D institution, private corporation, or other organization and are interested in participating in JV-Campus, inquire using the link below. Or, if you wish to learn more about JV-Campus, post content, or use the exclusive online educational environments offered by each participating institution or various content offered on JV-Campus, use the link below.


We will promote exchanges between students and educators by publishing educational content collected from private educators (JVC-teachers) screened by JV-Campus.As part of our efforts to realize JV-Campus’s vision (to evolve learners and organizations, by weaving and circulating wisdom together), JV-Campus will offer educational content solicited from private JVC-teachers who have passed our screening process to promote exchanges between students and educators.
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Corporate Participation

Corporations will provide internships and other services informed by their CSR policies to students, and provide opportunities for furthering communication and exchange.JV-Campus will provide diverse learning and networking opportunities by developing close partnerships with society. We will offer a place where companies can offer students services informed by their CSR policies, thus contributing to active exchanges with students. This will include internships and other opportunities, as well as original educational content that teach students about society and work.
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