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Study abroad programme at University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge Fitzwilliam College MOU programme is held at Fitzwilliam College that is one of the University's 31 31 colleges.
1.Cambridge Data Science Course
2.Cambridge International Business & Career Course
3.Cambridge Business English Course
4.Cambridge Academic English Course
5.Cambridge English Communication Course
6.English Culture: Politics・Economics・Education
7.English Architecture and City-planning Course
8.Preparation Course for High School students to study at Oxford / Cambridge University
9.Cambridge Science Festival for Highschool students
10. Cambridge Online Programme for one-to-one individual lesson
11. Cambridge Online Programme for group lesson
12. Cambridge Online Programme Intensive English Summer School
13. Recurrent Education: Cambridge Business English Communication Course (Advanced)
14. Recurrent Education: Cambridge Data Science Course
Subject field
Education, Language, Qualifications & Examinations, Data science, Humanities & Social sciences, Business & Management, Natural science, Medicine & Health, International affairs, Engineering
Course coordinator
Masumi Akaishi
High school
Fee: 1 GBP
ICC International Communications Councilロゴ;
5 courses
Required time
Three months
Japanese, English
Take a course, Career up
Start month
Feb, Apr, Aug, Oct
Open period
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Program outline

    • Last update
    • 2022-01-30
    • Start month
    • Feb, Apr, Aug, Oct
    • Required time
    • Three months
    • Open period
    • ~
    • Delivery method
    • Live, Hybrid
    • Course restrictions
    • FCFS
    • System requirements
    • PC
Cambridge, Online, Hybrid, Data Science, Business English, English Communication, International Business, Career, Academic English, Business English


Cambridge Online Programme (Group Lesson) (8weeks)
Virtual classroom by ZOOM online lesson for a group Courses  ① Cambridge Data Science Course ② English Communication Course ③ International Business & Career Course ④ Academic English Course ⑤ Business English Course ⑥ IELTS
Cambridge Online ProgrammeOne-to-One lesson8weeks
One-to-One Online lesson Courses  ① Cambridge Data Science Course ② English Communication Course ③ Academic English Course ④ Business English Course ⑤ IELTS
Oxbridge Admissions Programme Spring
This spring course is for very ambitious students to prepare for studying at Oxford / Cambridge University. Like the students of Oxford / Cambridge University, these high school students will have a tutorial lesson and study the first year’s subjects of the universities. They will learn the level and quality of teaching during the summer school and their experiences will prepare them to apply to university. The University of Oxford is the oldest and the University of Cambridge is the second oldest in the English-speaking world and are now a collegiate public research university. These two 'ancient universities' are often referred to jointly as 'Oxbridge' and share many common features. The outstandingly high academic standard is the wealth of these Universities and this has made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world today.
Recurrent Education: Cambridge Business English Communication Course (Advanced)
This is a course for adults who are already engaging in and working in an international business field. The course helps them achieve the practical elements to work in international business, such as business English, accurate terms and phrases, pronunciation, and business communication skills. The adults are guided to achieve state-of-the-art technology and softwares to be able to make full use of the following business situations. • Team, Company & Board meetings • Negotiations • Product pitches • Marketing presentations • Financial reporting • Advertising campaigns • Human Resource planning • Trade fairs & networking events
Recurrent Education: Organisational Data Science CourseCambridge Judge Business SchoolUniversity of Cambridge
Cambridge Organisational Data Science Cambridge Organisational Data Science Course is a course to learn about topics such as Big Data, Data Mining, Crypto Currencies, Data Visualization, GDPR, Digital Encryption, and Artificial Intelligence to drive logical decision-making, with the support of the University of Cambridge Mathematics Faculty and Cambridge Judge Business School. Data Science has grown rapidly in importance and plays a pivotal role in helping organisations leverage data, turning raw information into actionable insights. It is an interdisciplinary field, using both statistics and computer sciences, to help solve some of the world’s most serious problems. Let us take an example from the picture of Rabbit-duck illusion below. One and the same picture can be a rabbit or a duck, depending on how it is construed. Here, an objective analysis is required in order to prove that it is a rabbit or tht it is a duck. It is not convincing or persuasive just to say that it ‘looks like’ a rabbit or a duck. Data analysis and statistics have become a focal point of public attention, with their broad range of use cases across industries and applications, from commercial, retail, legal, medical and even political fields. Data Science has become an inevitable pillar within many organisations, including those of the giants, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.


Program coordinator

Programme Director
ICC Asia Programme
ICC International Communications Council
Philosophy, Comparative Cultural Studies
  • The Embassy of Japan, Washington, D.C., USA  The Protocol
  • University of Oxford, Lecturer
  • University of Cambridge, Lecturer
  • University of London, SOAS, Lecturer
  • University of British Columbia, Lecturer
  • ICC International Communications Council, Programme Director



Course requirements

For whom: University students, including the foreign students enrolled in a Japanese university, whose mother tongue is not English.

Venue for a study abroad programme: University of Cambridge

Period: Short course(4 weeks )Mid-term course(14 weeks) Long course(23 weeks)

Required English Proficiency: TOEFL ITP450- / TOEFL iBT45-

Minimum number of the students to form a class: 12 students

Accommodation: Homestay / College Residence stay

Deadline for the application:Applications are accepted until 2 months prior to the course start date.

Evaluation method



Attendance to the course




Special notes

The programme is an international collaborative learning experience that uses ICT and combines the benefits of both on-site (face-to-face) and online learning.
It is a well-balanced three-part programme, combining online deliberation with on-site discussion.

Part 1: Online lectures via ZOOM
This is an online pre-arrival lesson for the course.

Part 2: Study Abroad at the University of Oxford
Students will travel to the UK to study at Oxford University.

Part 3: Online lectures via ZOOM
After returning to a home country, students will have a Follow-up/Feedback online lesson.





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