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In October 2019, the University of Tsukuba launched the “Data Science” as a common subject for information education. The purpose of the “Data Science” class is to understand the basic concepts of data science and to learn basic data analysis techniques using computers. Through data collection, data management, data visualization, and data analysis, we aim to acquire practical methods for understanding and utilizing data, touch on examples of advanced data science, and gain an understanding of the specific use of data in society. This site provides video lectures that you can use to learn about the collection, management, and utilization of data in each academic field.

--Table of Contents--
・Human Interaction [Yoichi Ochiai]
・Clinical and Social Medicine and Data Science – From the Perspective of Health Service Research [Nanako Tamiya]
・Aerodynamics and Flying Characteristics on Modern Soccer Balls [Sungchan Hong]
・Life Science and Data Science [Haruka Ozaki]
・Digital Humanities – New World of Knowledge Lead by Connection Between Humanities and Information Science [Waki Toshihito]
・Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Artificial Intelligence [Kazuto Fukuchi]
・Immediate prediction of tsunami height in a data-driven society [Yasuhiko Igarashi]
・Data analysis can be used to improve football skills [Masao Nakayama]
・Data Science in Social Sciences [Hisahiro Naito]
・Global Caesium-137 Database and Retrieval and Disclosure website of Environmental Radioactivity Data [Michio Aoyama]
・How can data be used in language education? [Shingo Nahatame]
・「Data Science in the School of Arts and Design」 – Seeing the Unseen [Hiroyuki Yamada]
・Data of the Mind: A Behavioral Design Perspective [Soichiro Matsuda]
・What Plant Specimen Data Can Tell Us about Biological Evolution and Crisis [Kenta Tanaka]
・Data-based decision making in disability science [Ginga Sasaki]
・Data Science in Biological Science Research: An Example from Developmental Biology Research [Takeo Horie]
・Use of data science in the analysis of social networking applications [Muneo Kaigo]
・Robotic high-speed general-purpose object manipulation by combining AI and control [Sho Sakaino]
・Urban planning and data science [Sayaka Fujii]
・Data Science for Business [Yukihiko Okada]

Advanced Management and Application of Data
・Big Data and IoT/CPS [Toshiyuki Amagasa]
・Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning [Yukino Baba]

・Introduction to Hypothesis Testing [Koike, Ken-ichi]

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