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The SIGLOC-online (Socially Innovative Global Classroom: Online) is a unique intensive collaborative program with overseas students from all over the world.
It is a three-week intensive program in which students from different countries around the world share their experiences, exchange opinions from different perspectives, and collaborate to create solutions to social issues.

★All university students from all over the world are welcome!★
Participation fee is free of charge.

From the spring of 2020, we conduct this entirely online program (SIGLOC-online) to provide international education unaffected by COVID-19.

●For the schedule of SIGLOC-online and application, please visit here. → http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/blog/sigloc-online/

The Next Program ★15th SIGLOC-online★
〇Program Period: Jul 10 (Mon) - Jul 28 (Fri) 2023
〇Application starts in March until June 18 2023
Details→ http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/blog/sigloc-online/
Our Twitter will update you!: https://twitter.com/OcuCoil

☆16th SIGLOC-online: Sep 4 (Mon) - Sep 22 (Fri) 2023
Open for the OMU/OCU students only.
★17th SIGLOC-online (Tentative)
〇Program Period: Mar 4 (Mon) - Mar 22 (Fri) 2024
〇Application Period: from November 1 (Wed) 2023

Looking forward to "meeting" you online!


●Let's see how the Program runs!
The past SIGLOC-online Report: http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/report/10th_sigloc/

●Let's listen to the experience of the participants!
Voices of the past SIGLOC program attendees (YouTube): http://ocu.jp/cTrbAk

●Let's feel the Program!
SIGLOC-online Close Coverage:http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/blog/sigloc_online_close_coverage/

●SIGLOC-online Main Website: http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/blog/sigloc-online/

(*In April 2022, Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University united to form the Osaka Metropolitan University.)

  • Subject field
  • Language
  • Subtitles
    Japanese, English
  • Target
  • Issue
  • Purpose
    Take a course
  • Delivery method
    Live, 同期・非同期 / Synchronous and asynchronous
  • System requirements
  • Start month
    Mar, Jul
  • Length
  • Course restrictions
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