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  • Japan Culture日本文化
  • Literacyリテラシー
  • 歴史と伝統の広がり
  • 心と身体の文化論
  • 日本社会と生活文化
  • 現代の日本文化

History and Traditions/歴史と伝統の広がり


The Fascination of Classical Japanese Literature and Performing Arts, the Exquisiteness of Japanese Arts and Crafts, and the History of Interaction with Other Cultures.
The program offers an opportunity to study Japanese culture including the fascination of classical Japanese literature and performing arts, the exquisiteness of arts and crafts, and the history of exchange with other cultures.

Thought, Faith, and Martial Arts/心と身体の文化論


Japanese thought and philosophy, traditional religions such as Shinto and Japanese Buddhism that have long been followed in Japanese history, and the exquisite physical culture of Japanese martial arts. By studying these subjects, learners can deepen their understanding of the Japanese thought, faith, and martial arts.

Society and Lifestyle/日本社会と生活文化


By studying research on Japanese society, including topics such as the modern family and regional depopulation, and learning about Japan's diverse regional cultures and lifestyles, you can gain a deeper understanding of Japan.

Contemporary Culture/現代の日本文化

日本社会と文化を映像論的なアプローチで分析する―現代のJapanese Animationを手がかりにした講義や、Japanese Mangaの歴史を解き明かし、具体的な創作技法を論じた連続講義。このセクションでは映像表現やサブカルチャーといった現代の日本文化を学ぶことが出来ます。

The course includes lectures that analyze Japanese society and culture from the perspective of contemporary Japanese animation using a visual-theoretical approach, as well as lectures that explore the history of Japanese manga and discuss specific creative techniques. This section provides an opportunity for students to gain insight into contemporary Japanese culture, including visual expressions and subcultures.

  • 日本社会とビジネス
  • SDGsを学ぶ
  • 数理・AI・データサイエンス

Society and Business/日本社会とビジネス


You can deepen your understanding of Japanese society and business, and increase your literacy to help you develop your career in Japan by analysis of Japanese companies and industries, and Working for Japanese companies.

Learn SDGs/SDGsを学ぶ


In this section, you can learn about diversity and inclusion as part of achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are important for creating a society that embraces the diversity of its people, and about the relationship between the global environment, the economy, and our lives, as well as carbon neutrality and energy technology, which are important parts of achieving the SDGs.

Mathematics-Data Science-AI/数理・AI・データサイエンス


This section provides lectures to enhance comprehension of mathematics, data science, and AI, which are crucial as new literacies in the digital era.


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New Arrival/新着コンテンツ(NEWレイアウト)

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  • Learning
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New Arrival/新着コンテンツ

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昭和女子大学 大学紹介
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Lesson for Useful Expression in Japanese -Series 2- #6 問い合わせる
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Lesson for Useful Expression in Japanese -Series 2- #7 病院に行く
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Lesson for Useful Expression in Japanese -Series 2- #8 相談する
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Lesson for Useful Expression in Japanese -Series 2- #10 お別れのあいさつをする
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Lesson for Useful Expression in Japanese -Series 2- #9 電話で予約する
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東北大学生からの応援メッセージ vol.3
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東北大学生からの応援メッセージ vol.2
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東北大学生からの応援メッセージ vol.1
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