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Business English Communication Course

Cambridge Online Programme
・ One-to-One lesson
・ Group lesson (5 students at minimum)

Simultaneous bidirectional type Online by ZOOM

One-to-One Online lesson
Cambridge Business English Communication Course
Subject field
Education, Language, International affairs, Humanities & Social sciences, Business & Management, Qualifications & Examinations
Course coordinator
Masumi Akaishi
Mid-level to senior HR professionals
Project managers
Directors and functional heads
Employee representatives 
大学生 University students
Fee: 300 GBP
ICC International Communications Councilロゴ;
1 lecture
Required time
A month
Japanese, English
Japanese, English
Required Japanese language level
Career up
Start month
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Open period
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    • Last update
    • 2022-05-14
    • Start month
    • Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
    • Required time
    • A month
    • Lecture time
    • 60min more
    • Open period
    • ~
    • Delivery method
    • Live
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Online, One-to-One lesson, English Communication, Business English Course, 1:1 Lesson, Recurrent Education, ZOOM, Simultaneous bidirectional Online, Group Lesson


One-to-One Online lesson
Cambridge Business English Communication Course
Business English Communication Course Cambridge Online Programme・ One-to-One lesson・ Group lesson (5 students at minimum)Simultaneous bidirectional type Online by ZOOM
One-to-One Online lesson
Cambridge Business English Communication Course


Course coordinator

Programme Director
Asia Programme
ICC International Communications Council
  • The Embassy of Japan, Washington, D.C., USA  The Protocol
  • University of Oxford, Lecturer
  • University of Cambridge, Lecturer
  • University of London, SOAS, Lecturer
  • University of British Columbia, Lecturer
  • ICC International Communications Council, Programme Director


Logical thinking ability, Problem finding ability, Problem solving skill, Creativity, Practical ability, Situation grasping ability, Communication ability, Management ability, Group_skill, Leadership ability, International character, Autonomy, Ethics, Language proficiency

Course requirements

Business English Communication Course

・One-to-One lesson Simultaneous bidirectional type Online by ZOOM 560GBP(inclusive Registration fee 100GBP)/ per person 

・Group lesson(5 students at minimum per class) Simultaneous bidirectional type Online by ZOOM 300GBPinclusive Registration fee 100GBP/ per person


Fees and Dates 2022 – Business English Communication Courses 英語版(Click here)


Required English Proficiency:IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL iBT 68- /  CEFR B1 Equivalent

English Proficiency Conversion



This curriculum will help students build their confidence and ability in key areas of business communication, helping them to advance their studies and careers. The sessions are centred around one-to-one discussion and real-world examples rather than book-learning.


Understanding the Office

Become familiar with office practices and vocabulary that will be central to interactions with colleagues and clients, and the overall success of their business.


Discussing Finance

Learn to discuss finance analytically – a vital skill for any business project and one that becomes increasingly important as your career progresses.


Digital Natives

It is key to understand digital technology in an increasingly digitised world. This will allow you to benefit from efficient and modern business practices.


Keeping up with Social Media

Discuss the rapidly changing uses of social media, which is changing the face of communication and in particular marketing – an important tool for any business.


Getting the Most out of Travel

Make business travel as smooth and enjoyable as possible by becoming confident using travel vocabulary and making travel plans.


Success in Job Interviews

Learn how to impress in anglophone job interviews by practising common questions and discovering what interviewers are looking for.


Overview of Corporate Structure

Understand more about the hierarchies of companies and the different divisions within them in order to have a better holistic understanding of how businesses work and take advantage of it for career advancement.


Understanding Economics

Make sense of economic analysis and learn to discuss economic factors, a necessary consideration for all businesspeople.


Formal / Informal Writing

Learn the conventions of formal and informal writing, plus when to use each to ensure your business communications are always appropriate to the situation.


Pitching for Success

Learn to pitch new ideas, products, or companies in order to develop your business. Gain confidence and eloquence plus focus on growing your company.


1 hour per session to practise discussing these themes, learn and note down key vocabulary, and clarify any uncertainties.

Evaluation method


Attendance to the course


Business English Communication Course

This is a preparation course to take the International Business and Career Course.  The students achieve the practical elements to work for the international business, such as business English, accurate terms and phrases, pronunciation, and business communication skills.
The students are guided to achieve State-of-the-art technology and softwares to be able to make full use of the following business situations.
  • Team, Company & Board meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Product pitches
  • Marketing presentations
  • Financial reporting
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Human Resource planning
  • Trade fairs & networking event

Special notes


・For one-to-one lesson course, tuition fee is  560 GBP (Deposit 100GBP is included) per student.

・For a group (5 students at minimum) lesson course, tuition fee is  300GBP (Deposit 100GBP is included) per student.

・Required English proficiency:IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL iBT 68- /  CEFR B1 Equivalent(No need to submit your score.)

English Proficiency Conversion

・On the Certificate of Attendance, name of the student, name of the course, dates of the course, lesson hours, and the grades are written.

・The teacher will start the lesson and finish the lesson on time.

・The student won’t have a make-up lesson if he/she gets late for the lesson or were absent from the lesson.

・Prepare your PC has a good internet access.

・Make sure you attend the lesson in a quiet environment.

・More than 1 course will be delivered at the same time on the same dates.  The student won’t be able to change the course once his/her course has started.